6 - Point Agenda

1 - CEEPro

 CEEPro – Community Economic Empowerment Program
CEEPro will be executed based on the comparative advantage analysis of the 27 local government areas within the state. 3-4 clusters will be created across the LGAs and one product will be assigned per cluster. Agricultural products will be identified and selected for productions with considerations on areas with the most comparative advantage. Employment opportunities and  cooperative ownership/shareholding will be extended to the host communities. 

2 - Community Security Initiative (CSI)

Establish an indigenous community security organization with Nigeria Police Force to colaborate and share security information as well as resources to effectively combat crime from the local level and restore peace within our communities. 

3 - Civil Service Reform

 This reform will ensure the training and maximization of the civil service personnel. It will ensure that all benefits accrued to the workers are paid promptly.  This is a critical pillar of administration and will be used to ensure that civil service is performing optimally. 

4 - Healthcare Overhaul

Health is Wealth. Currently there is no functioning state health establishment. Partnering with health technocrats both locally and internationally to build health institutions that can provide world class health services and access to credible medical care for the people of Imo State. 

5 - Educational Reform

Establish  a think thank group to review the education and academic infrastructure facilities, curriculums and costs to run standardized educational system, paving the way for a best practice world-class education system that will encompass all academic tiers in the state and will be run with the most updated technology in the world. The aim here is to have the best elementary, primary and higher education standard in Imo State as a model for the Nation. 

6 - Road Infrastructure

Partner with established road construction consortiums to build, rebuild and maintain existing road networks within and around Imo State in a credible Public Private partnership Entreprise arrangement for the most advanced network of roads within our great Imo State. These new roads will open the doors of our state as the economic powerhouse of the south east and drive more commerce and distribution of goods and services. 

The Train is Moving

Imo State is in your hands. The democratic process starts now!!!